Organized on WordPress platform in order to enable our friends and collaborators to share with us your photos, documents, ideas and suggestions Time for Peace-Genoa (T.f.P.-Genoa) is a nonprofit voluntary service association.  Its members and supporters donate approximately 10,000 hours of work a year.  In addition, 95% of the funds donated to the organisation are directly used in carrying out its various projects. It was created in 1992 with the goal of giving effective aid to the populations hit by the tragedy of war in the territories of the former Yugoslavia. T.f.P. is a secular association, inspired by the values of peace, solidarity and human rights, without regard to ethnic, political or religious differences.  Its activities of cooperation and its presence in the former Yugoslavian territories continues even after the end of the conflict.  It is trying to become, as much as possible (with the emphasis on “as much as possible), not only an instrument for rebirth, but also of trust. It is the dedication to this desire that underlies the projects in which T.f.P.-Genoa has been or currently is engaged:

  • PROJECT TO PROVIDE ORTHOPAEDIC PROSTHESES IN SYRIA: is our new project, starts with the aim to improve  care in the difficult Syrian context. At the moment prostheses are set and embedded in some Turkish ambulatories near Syrian boundary. In this scenario we also organize shipment related to: drug, hospital material and medical devices.
  • PROJECT TO PROVIDE ORTHOPAEDIC PROSTHESES FOR VICTIMS OF ANTIPERSONNEL MINES AND DISEASES. The project to provide transtibial orthopaedic prostheses is a commitment of T.f.P-Genoa towards improving the availability of prostheses at reasonable prices in developing nations where there is a lack of specialist healthcare.  The project plan consists in the realization of modular orthopaedic prostheses for the lower and upper limbs (the latter are in development) that are simple, reliable and low-cost.  The planned simplicity of design was chosen in order to favor the adoption of this technology on the part of the communities that will benefit from the project, allowing them to manufacture the prostheses on-site, subject to the supply of necessary equipment (this would also facilitate the exchange of opinions and experiences in order to improve the project).  This project demonstrates that, especially in rural zones, with one small workshop and a little experience it is possible to satisfy the requirements of an amputee rehabilitation program.
  • HUMANITARIAN AID PROJECTS. These are independently managed projects to help the war-affected populations of the former Yugoslavia, whether they are in refugee camps or in their places of origin.
  • PURACIC SCHOOL PROJECT.  Puracic is a town in central Bosnia where Bosnian Muslims, Serbian Christians and Jewish minorities are engaged in bringing about a future of peace.  Here, the project of restructuring and recuperating a school also acted as a uniting force for the approximately 900 children and adolescents of various ethnic groups who were still humiliated by the memories of the war.  In agreement with the local Minister of Public Instruction, T.f.P bought the greater part of building materials directly from local providers, and then hired local laborers at government expense.
  • AID TO THE POPULATIONS hit by the earthquake in Sellano, Umbria (Northern Italy) in September 1997, with the provision of squads of technicians for over two months.

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